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About Us

The Smallholder Range feeds are best suited to birds and livestock kept in free range or non-intensive conditions rather than those being reared for intensive or commercial production.  The Smallholder Range always ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used and make every effort to produce the most natural feeds possible

By Royal Appointment    
In January 2009 the Smallholder Range was granted the Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Vegetarian Society Approval   
WE DON'T USE animal by-products, fishmeal or gelatine coating on our vitamins. All the feeds in the Smallholder Range are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are free from animal products. The vitamins we use are not covered in the standard pork gelatine coating.

We only use Non GM Ingredients   
Only products that are made without genetically modified (GM) ingredients are approved by the Vegetarian Society.  As a matter of policy we only use non-GM ingredients in our feeds. The soya and maize we use is identity preserved - grown from non-GM seed. Whilst these crops are not guaranteed, we take every reasonable precaution to minimise the risk of exposure to possible GM presence. We show all our ingredients on our labels.

Drug Free    
All our feeds are drug-free, with no artificial or nature identical growth promoters or yolk pigmenters.  No other drugs or medicinal additives, such as coccidiostats, anti-biotics are added and we operate a completely drug-free mill.  We do not use any nature identical flavours or additives at all, all of the herbs we use are the real thing!

Contains Omega 3 Oils   
WE ONLY USE Premium Vegetable Oils.
Animal fats and recovered oils such as chip fat have never been used in our Smallholder feeds.

No Hexane Extracted Ingredients   
We DO NOT SELECT ingredients that have been processed using harsh chemical solvents.
Our Non-GM soya is pressed - not harshly extracted with the solvent hexane.


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