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Healthcare and Management

The Small Holder Range has been based on many years of scientific and practical research into the needs and feeding requirements of Small Holder animals. Along the way we have gathered much information about the best practices of feeding, maintenance and healthcare. Below you will find brief summaries and links to many articles that we believe will be of help in your animal husbandry.

This section will be regularly updated, so please keep checking for new articles and information. Alternatively up to date feeding and care information can be found on the Defra website.

Poultry Feeding Guide - An advantage of keeping hens
and other poultry free range is that they... Read More

Care Guide - Poultry need daily care. If you are unable to provide this you must arrange for someone... Read More

Cattle Feeding Guide - The cow's natural diet consists
of grass and they can maintain themselves... Read More

Cattle Care Guide -
Cattle need regular supervision.
Milking cows will need milking twice a day... Read More

Goat Feeding Guide - Like sheep and cattle, goats are ruminants, and are able to digest foodstuffs... Read More

Goat Care Guide
- Goats need a regular routine and attention.  Good quality feed and shelter... Read More

Pig Feeding Guide - Pigs are normally fed twice a day. 
The amount of feed depends on the age... Read More

Pig Care Guide - Pigs need regular supervision. You will need enough time to care for them all year... Read More
Sheep Feeding Guide - As with all animals the quantity
of feed needed to maintain the sheep in... Read More

Sheep Care Guide
- Preventative care is essential, learn
to administer vaccinations, give wormers... Read More

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