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Guinea Fowl

Although originally from Africa, Guinea Fowl can be found around the world both domesticated and in the wild and come in a variety of different colours. Guinea Fowl are mainly kept for their eggs and meat, however they also have other advantages to potential keepers, most notably that they are an ideal choice for fruit and vegetable growers and those with prize gardens as they do very little damage to plants or vegetables, unlike chickens who will destroy any flower bed given half a chance. Guinea Fowl are also easy to feed and look after and do very well on a good quality poultry pellet and if allowed to free range they will gain a high proportion of their nutrient requirement from grass and insects.  

Another advantage of keeping Guinea Fowl is that their characteristic call has earned them the title of “winged watchdog”, and whether it is a two or four legged intruder they will normally call out in alarm when a stranger approaches.

Guinea Fowl mix well with other poultry and are non-aggressive, they also do not carry many of the diseases that chickens, turkeys and waterfowl are susceptible to.

Guinea Fowl can be kept in normal poultry houses, although like other game birds, they do like to roost so may take to the trees or high up in out-buildings or barns if they are not accustomed to being in a purpose built house at night. Although Guinea Fowl tend to be a lot more flighty than chickens, if you buy young birds (known as keets), gentle, consistent handling will help to make them easier to handle as adults.
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