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Cattle Feeding Guide

Cattle Feeding Guide

  • Cattle need regular supervision. Milking cows will need milking twice a day at regular times every day, plus 24 hour attention at calving. You will need enough time to care for them all year round and a willing and able person to look after them in your absence.
  • Preventative care is essential – learn how to spot signs of illness, and administer vaccinations and give wormers.
  • Know when to call the vet.
  • Think carefully about what your requirements are before buying anything.
  • Cattle are covered by a number of regulations which you must observe.

For further information or if you have any queries about feeding your cattle, then please contact our helpful and friendly team on the Smallholder Nutritional Helpline on 01362 822902

COVID-19 UPDATE - We want to reassure you that we are still manufacturing and working around the clock to meet demand.⁣ Please buy responsibly to ensure all customers have feed for their animals.