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  • Pygmy Goat Mix

    A wholesome feed with higher fibre levels and added dried fruit and vegetables, similar to those which Pygmy goats would naturally forage for.

    Available in 15kg bags

  • Herbal Goat Mix

    A herbal mix with alfalfa, which has been found to be especially suited to shy feeders.

    Available in 20kg bags

  • Dry Goat Mix

    An unmolassed high energy mix suitable for goats of all ages, goats in the latter stages of pregnancy and breeding goats.

    Available in 20kg bags

  • All Round Goat Mix

    A nutritious higher energy goat mix suitable for milk producing and breeding goats, or as a maintenance diet for mature goats.

    Available in 20kg bags

COVID-19 UPDATE - We want to reassure you that we are still manufacturing and working around the clock to meet demand.⁣ Please buy responsibly to ensure all customers have feed for their animals.