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Rare Breed Sow Breeder Pencils

Rare Breed Sow Breeder Pencils

Rare Breed Sow Breeder Pencils are suitable for gestating or lactating sows, or as a maintenance feed.

  • Without artificial growth promoters for a more natural growth rate
  • Ideal for free range piglets and rare or traditional breeds

Available in 20kg bags.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein:15.0%Crude Oils and Fats:5.0%
Crude Fibre:9.0%Crude Ash:6.0%
Methionine:0.25%Omega 30.45%


Smallholder Range, IP25 7SD. Tel: 01362 822902
A COMPLETE FEED for feeding to SOWS

Wheat Feed, Field Beans, Barley, Linseed, Oat Feed, Grass Meal, Oats, Molasses, Wheat, Maize, Calcium Carbonate, Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Yeast, Fructo-oligosaccharides

Nutritional Additives (per kg)
Vitamin A (3a672a): 8.9k iu; Vitamin D3 (3a671) 2.1k iu; Vitamin E (3a700) 45mg

Trace elements:
Iron: 15mg (Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate) (3b103)
Zinc: 27mg (Zinc Oxide) (3b603)
Manganese: 28mg (Manganous Oxide) (E5)
Iodine: 0.65mg (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) (3b202)
Selenium: 0.15mg (Sodium Selenite) (E8)
Copper: 2mg (Cupric Chelate of Glycine, Hydrate) (E4)

• Rich in Omega 3 Oils
• Smallholder Range only source identity preserved (Hard IP) Non-GM ingredients.
• Smallholder Range feeds are made from natural ingredients which can result in the feed changing colour slightly through the seasons.
Establishment No: GB226 0005 UFAS 1

Feeding Instructions

Instructions for use:
Not for intensive or commercial production. Feed 1.5kg to 3kg depending on age, size and condition. Introduce a new feed gradually over 7 to 10 days to help a smooth change over. This feed should be fed with ad lib fresh water. Do not feed to sheep.