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About Us

We are an innovative, family owned, national company with four generations of experience. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the Smallholder Range provides well balanced feeds for owners who like to keep their animals as naturally as possible. We pride ourselves on making nutritious feed without artificial growth promoters or artificial yolk colourants. Our mill is totally drug free, no antibiotics or coccidiostats are used in our feeds and we only use non-genetically modified (Non-GM) ingredients.

Smallholder Range feeds are specially made for birds and livestock kept in free-range or non-intensive conditions, rather than those being reared for intensive or commercial production.

By Royal Appointment

In January 2009 the Smallholder Range was granted the Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Vegetarian Society Vegan Approval

All the feeds in the Smallholder Range are Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society. To gain this accreditation our products must be free from animal-derived ingredients, there must be no cross-contamination during production and use Non-GM ingredients. We do not use animal by-products, fishmeal or gelatine coating on our vitamins.

Smallholder Range approved by Vegetarian Society

We only use Non-GM Ingredients

To be able to offer you the very highest standard of feed we do all that we can to ensure that all the ingredients used are grown from seed which is not genetically modified (Non-GM). Although no crops can be guaranteed to be completely GM free, we go one step further than most and only ever use the highest quality ingredients, this means the crops are grown from Non-GM seeds in a protected area away from any GM crops, which helps to avoid possible contamination.

Non-GM Hard IP


All our feeds are completely drug free and produced in our own drug free mill. No artificial flavours, unnatural yolk colourants, growth promoters, antibiotics, coccidiostats or other medicinal additives are used in our feeds. We only use natural ingredients, we do not use ‘nature identical’ flavours or additives which have been synthetically produced to mimic their natural alternatives, all of the herbs we use are the real thing!

Drug Free

Contains Omega 3 Oils

We only ever use the highest quality vegetable oils and linseed for Omega 3. Animal fats and recovered oils such as chip fat have never been used in our feeds.

Omega 3 Oils

No Hexane Extracted Ingredients

We do not use any chemically extracted ingredients in our feeds. Our oils are as natural as possible. Our Non-GM soya is pressed, not harshly extracted with solvent hexane – we use a similar process to that used in the production of virgin olive oil.

No Hexane

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COVID-19 UPDATE - We want to reassure you that we are still manufacturing and working around the clock to meet demand.⁣ Please buy responsibly to ensure all customers have feed for their animals.