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Avian Influenza Update – December 2019

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have confirmed an outbreak of Low Pathogenic Avian Flu on a commercial chicken farm in Suffolk on December 10th 2019, they have put in place a 1km restriction zone around the infected farm to limit the risk of the disease spreading. Read DEFRA’s biosecurity advice below, and…

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Pygmy Goat Nutrition

Due to their size and character, Pygmy goats have become very popular as pets. As with all breeds of goats, Pygmy goats are ruminants but because of their small stature, it is important to be aware that they do have specific nutritional requirements that should be considered to keep them in good health. It is…

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Avian Influenza Update – January 2018

Defra has announced that following a second finding of avian influenza in wild birds in Warwickshire an extended prevention zone now applies across the whole of England. This is not a housing order but a legal requirement to follow strict biosecurity procedures and applies to all bird keepers, whether having just a few birds to…

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