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What should I feed my chicks to ensure they get all the nutrition they need?

Good quality, age appropriate nutrition is vital for poultry at every life stage. To get your chicks off to a great start, feed good quality chick crumbs on an ad lib basis from hatching through to 6-8 weeks of age.

A high quality feed like our Baby Chick Crumbs that have been carefully formulated to ensure that your chicks are provided with the right amount of nutrients, including a balance of vitamins and minerals, will help to prevent deficiencies and encourage steady growth.

Smallholder Range Baby Chick Crumbs are made with only non-GM ingredients and contain high quality protein to provide the essential amino acids that are vital for promoting growth, repair and feather production. All feeds within the Smallholder Range are Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved, never using animal by-products such as fishmeal or vitamins covered in pork gelatine coating. Nor are there any artificial colours in the feeds, only natural ingredients are used, Baby Chick Crumbs contains a blend of herbs and seaweed known for maintaining good health.
By the time they are 5-6 weeks old, your chicks will be ready to be moved onto Poultry Grower Pellets. To ensure a smooth changeover, the crumb and pellets should be mixed together to allow the chicks time to get used to their new feed.

Smallholder Range poultry feeds do not contain any coccidiostats (drugs to help prevent the parasitic disease, coccidiosis), offering owners who like to keep their poultry as naturally as possible, drug free feeds. Providing high standards of hygiene and management are adhered too, poultry should develop natural immunity to coccidisosis, meaning medicated feed is not required.

Baby Chick Crumbs are available in 5kg and 20kg sacks. If you would like further advice on feeding your chicks please call our Nutrition Team on 01362 822 902.

COVID-19 UPDATE - We want to reassure you that we are still manufacturing and working around the clock to meet demand.⁣ Please buy responsibly to ensure all customers have feed for their animals.